Blockchain Ballers Club has been in development since June 2021. We will build out our roadmap with our community to achieve our vision of building the next generation of virtual sports. Below are the current 4 major phases.

Phase 1 (Complete) - The Art

Blockchain Ballers Club is centered around creating community driven leagues and games utilizing the Baller PFPs. Players will be able to enter their Ballers into leagues, brackets, and pick-up games which will be simulated based on the skills of the Ballers.

Phase 2 (In Progress) - The Game

NFT holders will be able to enter their Ballers in competitions. Using the skills of your Ballers, games will be simulated against other Ballers. There will be levels of competition from pick-up games to organized season-long leagues, brackets, and tournaments with prizes to winners.

There will ultimately be multiple leagues, one league open to all teams of all skill levels, and other leagues where the Ballers will need to fall within certain tiers for more competitive leagues. The leagues and tournaments will run on a schedule, but Ballers can also participate in pick-up games in a lobby format.

Demo of 1v1 game:

Phase 3 (Planned) - Ownership Mechanics

There will be airdrops to Baller holders, which will have utility in the game. For example, a Baller might receive shoes which boost skill levels. There will also be a system for NFT holders to conduct votes to shape the direction of the league and request changes to future gaming mechanics. Additionally, a trading block is in development which will allow NFT holders to conduct trades amongst themselves to improve their position.

Phase 4 (Planned) - Enhanced Game Mechanics

Setup of the development league and training camp for Ballers to improve their skills through ingame experience or working out. There will also be an introduction of an aging mechanism to increase and decrease Baller skills over time.